Service Manager Connect - Our Middleware

Although originally developed to connect our Service Manager field service management solution to mobile data terminals, Service Manager Connect can translate between many applications to many different types of mobile data comms servers.  It is also easy to add bespoke modules for any other application.  

Service Manager Connect can also produce output within itself.  For instance, one of our customers sends completed jobs back from the PDA and Service Manager Connect enters the data into the application and produces a PDF document within itself and emails it out to the customer.

House Appraisal - Our Estate Agency Application

Working in conjunction with Service Manager Connect, our House Appraisal software allows an estate agent to input the full details of a property whilst on site, taking pictures of many features, inputting details of the rooms and gardens.  The client can review the information and sign a consent on the PDA.  The data is then returned to the office where is is automatically converted into am information sheet in PDF format.

Service Manager - Our Field Service Managament Application

Service Manager is an highly configurable yet straightforward service management package.  For more details, please see our website at or contact us on 020 8668 2102.

Text Messaging - Without Texting!

By using our Text Message mini application, you can send text messages out to a PDA, or group or PDA's from your PC's desktop.  Because the message is transmitted as GPRS or 3G data, it is cheaper than a text message and you can send more than the 160 character limit with standard text messages.